Girl abducted, bound gagged and left alone in bondage

Let me show you the most adorable bound gagged slavegirl I've seen for a couple of last months. This babe just goes mad from those tight rope bonds put around her arms and legs. But lets be honest: there is nothing she can do about her captivity: being abducted isn't the most pleasant thing for a woman to be involved in!

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Young brunette that was captured today and enslaved with rope bondage looks really sexy. The feeling of being bound gagged turns her into wild thing that keep fighting ropes for hours. I am glad that the clothes were taken off before the girl was tied up: white bra and a pair of lovely breasts are just adorable and the blue stockings suspender is just stunning! I'd name this babe the beauty queen of all bound and gagged girls!

I don't know for how long the captured young lady has to stay tied up. It's fine by me if she has to be enslaved for hours. Looking in her displeased face is a pleasure for me as long as blue duct tape keeps the bound gagged girl silent.

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